About Us



About Us


HnH impex : Its a Versatile ceramic tiles company with years of experience in the art of fine living .The company is also the largest exporter of ceramic tiles in India as well as abroad. Our company was established in year 2006 under the leadership of Manavpreet singh and Pawandeep singh who foresaw the evolution of Indian aesthetic sense and demand for high quality inspiring and advanced vitrified exteriors as well as parking tiles .Since its inception, the company has been moving ahead relentlessly in persuit of excellence. We are popular for our benchmark quality, reliability and stylish pattern. HnH is moving tirelessly with a mantra “NO MATTER WHAT THE CHALLENGES WE FACE IN OUR JOURNEY, WE WILL ALWAYS STAY ON THE COURSE AND CONTINUE TO TAKE OUR BUSINESS FORWARD”.




HnH is well positioned for continued growth and market dominance because of its vibrant leadership. The management has taken significant steps to renew and refresh the core business of tile making for tomorrow, furnishing the company with a powerful differentiator with high quality and innovative pattern for today’s market. The Leadership has two FOLD AIMS: 1) To introduce HnH to a whole new set of markets. 2) To provide consistent service to the existing global/Indian customers.




HnH is driving its exports growth constantly and expanding its reach to different territories across the continents. With traditional focus on West African countries and America as strategic growth markets. We are looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports.




The strength of company lies in its strong focus on innovation. HnH endeavors to achieve customer satisfaction through continues innovation and delivering current trends to the customers cost effectively. On regular basis company introduces exciting new concepts and designs that meet the evolving tastes of the customers in harmony with the current trends across the globe.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: The company recognizes the importance of Research and development team continues striving to bring out innovative patterns of Ceramic tiles.




Achieve leadership by developing superior designs for tiles and offering exceptional service in sales and support to bring pride and joy to homeowners, builders, developers, contractors and architects who use our products.



Our mission is to set standards to the Indian tile industry and to take the industry to new heights.





Manavpreet Singh & Pawandeep Singh

( Founders. HNH IMPEX )